Newcom Media Gets Apology from JGK Media

JGK Media Inc. would like to send this letter of apology to Newcom Media Inc. for the reason of copyright infringement. One of JGK Media Inc.’s website had sometimes used articles, which were attempted to be re-written without permission or acknowledgement.

JGK Media Inc. admits this was an act of plagiarism, and takes full responsibility for the mistake. JGK Media Inc. had outsourced the work to a freelancer, and unfortunately, never confirmed the originality of the work before publishing. In these cases, JGK Media Inc. was wrong, and apologizes for the mistake.

It is unethical for any person or company to use another’s work without permission and this case is no different. Every original content deserves recognition and/or authorization.

JGK Media Inc. also appreciates the professionalism in which Newcom Media Inc. handled the situation and were happy to find a peaceful and agreeable resolution to the issue. Both parties agreed that there was no ill intent to use content; regardless, the fault was with JGK Media Inc.

Both JGK Media Inc. and Newcom Media Inc. have had very positive working relationships in the past and look forward to the same in the future.

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