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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Let’s not forget the other victim of Humboldt


Friday night there was a horrible crash in Saskatchewan between the bus they were riding and a tractor trailer unit hauling peat moss killing 15 members of the Humboldt Broncos.   This violent crash was not the first crash affecting a sports team and won’t be the last.  

While much of the news reported on this crash from all sorts of media outlets, the glaring lack of information about the truck driver other than he was taken into custody for a time and released.   All we need to understand at this point, not only do we need to mourn the loss of this team, and need to support those injured and maimed in this incident, we need to consider this truck driver has the entire weight of this wreck on his shoulders and needs our support.  

This support doesn’t need to consider fault or not.  That’s the job of the investigators to find the answers and we need to be confident in their investigative skills.  It will be a court that will determine punishment, if punishment is to be meted out, at a much later date.  Suffice to say the truck driver is now in his own prison, going over all the what if’s and if only’s.  That truck driver will be living the horrible event everyday for the rest of his life.  We know this kind of incident is a career ender.  

While prayers and good wishes are flowing for the team, prayers and good wishes must extend to that truck driver.   Every truck driver is saying today “there but by the Grace of God, go I”.