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Sunday, December 10, 2023

Stemco Introduces TrailerTail Covered

Stemco introduced TrailerTail Covered, a rear trailer fairing “designed to increase driver usage, fuel efficiency and return on investment (ROI),” the company announced.

The TrailerTail Covered fairing features side panels that cover the lockrod handles on most trailer styles, requiring operators to deploy the TrailerTail fairing in order to open or close the trailer’s rear doors.

“We’ve seen tremendous improvements over the past two years in the number of TrailerTail fairings open while on the road, saving fleets an additional 5 percent or more on their fuel bill, but we continue to develop solutions to increase the odds drivers will open their TrailerTail before driving,” said Bob Montgomery, vice president of Stemco Innovative Tire and Mileage Solutions. “TrailerTail Covered makes opening and closing the TrailerTail an integral part of a driver’s process by linking it to operating the trailer doors.”

The TrailerTail Covered is available for the TrailerTail Trident and TrailerTail 4×4 manual deployment systems. There is no additional cost for TrailerTail Covered.

Companies also have the alternative option of using AutoDeploy technology, which features a built-in speed sensor that automatically deploys a TrailerTail when the vehicle reaches 35 mph.