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Friday, June 21, 2024

Modagrafics Adds New App

Large format fleet graphics provider Modagrafics introduced a new tool for monitoring and coordinating the installation of fleet graphics across multiple locations. The Rapidus Fleet Graphics Owner app provides real-time workflow automation so customers can manage each aspect of any fleet branding job at every location, according to the company.

Rapidus includes a consolidated dashboard with features that allow fleet owners to check the status of sites awaiting approval, new, approved and takedown sites, and the vehicle status and project completion dates. A Sites Detail section contains information on resources, project details, and tracked installation location and weather information. A Vehicle Sign Off component allows one to conduct a visual inspection, grant approval for each vehicle, provide barcode material to associates and report incidents.

“Today’s fleets are highly sophisticated operations. Our clients’ brands are very important to us and we realized they needed the right tools to compete in a very competitive consumer marketplace,” said Modagrafics CFO Mike Antongiovanni. “Rapidus is the perfect real-time device and it offers tremendous value. In an instant you can receive bids, check the status of jobs and approve installations, log VINs, update schedules and even monitor the weather at specific locations.”

Rapidus is available through the Apple and Google App stores