I was most satisfied to see the truck drivers return to the office safe and sound after delivering the load successfully to the desired destination.”

Patient, Persistent & Powerful

Born in Surrey, British Columbia, Daman Grewal’s life seems to have been predestined due to some blessing, to bring success to him. Daman’s father left at a very young age of four. His mother, Surinderjit Grewal, who was left with three children to care for, faced this scenario stoically. It seems that she fully realized that in times of hardships, discipline would be her finest strength. She often worked two jobs, taught her three boys’ discipline, and saw to it that steadily, her family got a solid ethical foundation in life.

Daman’s school days were not devoid of challenges. Growing up in the early 80’s came with its own fair share of challenges. He would often hear stories of immigrant struggles in Canada and the rare person telling them to go back to where they came from. These stories would later transform Daman’s life as he would use these life lesson’s and incorporate them into his work practices.

Graduating from BCIT, Daman knew that he must persistently improve his learning, his thinking and his approach to life. In his journey of becoming a self-made business leader, he attributes much of his success to having many mentors in his life including his friend’s father, who introduced Daman to the industry, Kultar Sanghera, of Aman Trucking. During his tenor for various companies, before starting his own, it was the backend office jobs that gave him the most satisfaction. He replied, “I was the most satisfied to see the truck drivers return to the office safe and sound after delivering the load successfully to the desired destination.” He added that he loved welcoming them by serving hot cups of chai tea!

By Temperament, Daman is not the kind of person who will make impulsive decisions. He is a content person. He spent a lot of time thinking as to what his trigger to progress is. Initially, it was to be able to pay his tuition fees, but now, as destiny unfolded itself to him, he became well experienced in every sphere of the trucking industry. It seemed the right time for him to open his own company when his friend Dave Sidhu asked him to do so.

With small investments both Daman and Dave Sidhu opened their first logistics company in Abbotsford. They did not have a proper office and had to use a 20 ft storage trailer on a farm as their office, and portable washroom outside. One can well imagine how hot it might become in summers in the blueberry field! Daman knew the world will not shower money on him just because of his knowledge of the trucking industry. He will have to work extremely hard to bring his company to the forefront. And this involved responsibility. He wanted to lead a powerful company that will improve and enrich lives of people and their communities. Their first major contracts were from major enterprises, including Weyerhauser and BC Greenhouse Growers. To get the project completed he engaged with local truck drivers, thus creating work opportunities for the local community. Those humble beginnings also had a modest revenue. He keeps and proudly shows the copy of the first cheque their company earned, from Weyerhauser for the amount of $3445.00.

In 2012, Daman got another opportunity to grow and partnered with Harpreet Kalsi in Centurion Trucking Inc. They specialize in Temperature Controlled and Dry Van services. “Our goal is to provide a service that is unparallel in reliability and dependability.” says Daman. For Daman, his employees come first. He is a strong advocate of the business practice that if you treat your employees right, your employees will set the core foundation of the business. He personally supervises that onboarding of staff is done in the most professional manner. Each year a grand staff appreciation event is organized where all staff members bring their families and have fun. At Centurion Trucking, he contributes its success to the hard-working driver and the staff. With an environmentally friendly fleet of over 100 pieces of equipment, Centurion is shining away to success.

Daman has tried to understand the trucking industry from all perspectives. Due to his broad experience, he sits on the Board of Directors in the Canadian Trucking Alliance and BC Trucking Association. He stressed on the point that the Government of British Columbia should give some tax benefits to the trucking industry in the context of purchase of land. The land in lower mainland is very expensive and to keep the industry, jobs and families in the lower mainland – it is crucial for the province’s economy that favourable attention is given by the policy makers. Success in professional life is hugely dependent on the people in your personal life, who quietly, persistently build and support your family. Daman’s wife Hardeep is a strong support to him. He believes that her backing has enabled him to put in long hours, travel and engage with the community, hence he owes a lot to her. He is blessed with Lincoln, who is his ten-year young boy and Ariya, his 6-year old daughter. His wife and kids mean the world to him! When asked what he would say to South Asian Fleet and Owner’s readers: “Be Good, Do Good, and watch Good things will Happen!” (Sewa)

“Be Good, Do Good, Good things will Happen to you!”

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