Zero-Emissions Truck Washing Equipment

Environmentally Friendly Truck Washing Equipment Can Help Your Business Save Money While Going Green

Today’s trucking companies are actively searching for ways to integrate sustainability into their day-to-day operations. While achieving net-zero status will continue to be a challenge for years to come, one way to quickly improve your sustainable business practices is to take a look at your company’s fleet washing practices. Adding to your company’s carbon footprint by repeatedly driving to and from a truck wash, idling for hours in endless traffic jams, or using fossil fuelled power-washing equipment is counter-intuitive to a clean and green-focused modern business. One company that is making a difference in moving towards zero emissions is Wash-Bots, which has helped businesses get closer to zero emissions and meet their sustainability goals by eliminating fossil-fuel powered everything from washing activities.


Wash-Bots machines run on clean energy using high-capacity ‘quick-charge’ rechargeable batteries, giving the ability to wash up to 40 vehicles in a single charge. These machines run on 110 V Rechargeable Batteries vs fully automated wash systems that use substantially more electricity. With Wash-Bots machines, there is no need to install special high powered 220 V charging systems; a simple standard wall plug is all it takes to quickly recharge to full power. Saving money on utilities has never been more important, especially when rates are projected to continue to increase as the demand for electricity continues to rise. These machines have a proven track record in helping the transport industry save money by carefully managing power consumption.

In addition to energy savings, washing in-doors with an automated green machine is as easy as it gets with no concerns about breathing in toxic fumes because there are none!

Water Conservation – The Future of Cleaning

European engineering has always been regarded as well-built, tried and tested. It’s for that reason many are willing to buy a European machine over its competitors. The same can be said about automated vehicle washing systems, which use a fraction of the water and chemicals as compared to traditional methods. For example, Wash-Bots innovative onboard power and water system use less than a 100L of water and 0.5mL of cleaning solution. The inspired design of their battery-powered, self-contained unit provides a professional result while using 75% less water than a traditional washing system.

Automated washing machines are engineered to evenly distribute cleaning solution on the vehicle’s surface, minimizing waste, while the hyper-durable polyethylene / closed pore foam brushes remove the toughest dirt and salt without harming the vehicle’s surface. Match that with an Italian-made stainless-steel frame, and you’ve got a machine that will last for years and years.

The Need of 100% Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic Cleaner

The most innovative and top-selling truck wash machines utilize a custom formulated 100% eco-friendly enzyme-based cleaning solution which is specifically formulated for a specific industry or purpose. These natural, eco-friendly solutions offer all the cleaning power of harsh, chemical-based substances, without damaging the environment or posing health risks to operators.

“Integrating Wash-Bots cleaning solutions and equipment can be a small but meaningful step toward keeping our communities’ groundwater, streams, lakes and oceans and free of toxins and harmful chemicals without sacrificing amazing cleaning results,” says Chris Nystrom, co-founder of Wash-Bots. “One of our primary principles is protecting our environment and we feel that our technology and cleaning solutions serve this purpose.”

Plug and Play Washing On-Demand

Trucking companies often lose valuable time that could otherwise be spent transporting goods and services, and in turn, increasing profits. Rather than going to a brick-and-mortar truck wash, automated machines allow you to have fleet washing on-demand, right on-site. No time is wasted crawling through traffic and waiting in long line ups at a truck wash facility. Automated machines can effortlessly clean the entire surface of a truck and trailer in a fraction of the time, with a single operator in under 8 minutes every time with consistent results.

“Our Wash‑Bot is much better than expected,” says Michael Ouellet, CPA Controleur at Old Quebec Tours. “By reducing our cleaning time, there is more free time to work on other tasks. We’ve also drastically reduced the amount of cleaning products compared to before.”

“In addition to the time wasted going to and at a truck wash, automated cleaning machines also save fuel,” adds Nystrom. “With the cost of fuel going through the roof, machines like Wash-Bots save a single truck, or fleet, time and money.”

Nystrom adds that even if a fleet has a dedicated wash-bay, there is still a system that can match unique needs. “When people learn and do their research, they find that an automated cleaning machine can also free up much needed and valuable space. “Wash bays are valuable real estate that can be used for other purposes,” says Nystrom.

What’s more is that automated systems like Wash-Bots machines are CE Certified, which means they meet a rigorous series of tests for health, safety, and environmental protection standards within the European Economic Area and beyond. These machines are high-quality, Italian made, and are built to last 15 years or more.

The Take-Away

This coming decade will be a period of rapid change. Customers will judge your company’s value both visually as well as ethically. Your clients’ business practices will include calculating the carbon footprint of their products including supply chain carbon impacts.  Automated truck washing systems, like Wash-Bots, are a low-stake investment that can help any company integrate greener business practices quickly and easily, leaving more capital to solve other, more challenging sustainability solutions.

The experts at who deal with state-of-the-art cleaning systems, such as Wash-Bots, are committed to helping your business take steps to towards zero transportation emissions and helping you meet your sustainability goals.
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