Volvo Trucks Names TEC Equipment Fontana as First Volvo EV Certified Dealer

Volvo Trucks’ largest West Coast dealership, TEC Equipment, has been named the company’s first Volvo EV Certified Dealer in North America. It is an integral partner in the innovative Volvo LIGHTS project and has been a long time Volvo Certified Uptime Center. It has achieved electrical certification, with its team being equipped to consult with customers through ecofriendly systems and perform electric truck maintenance and repairs for trucks in operations. The company is providing sustainable transportation for fleet operators, by supporting local and regional, as well as food and beverage distributions. The company is able to support customers in making decisions regarding the ideal electrical configuration for their routes as well. David Thompson, CEO of TEC Equipment, expresses how he is proud of their partnership with Volvo Trucks, and their Fontana location which has been the first to achieve Volvo EV Certified Dealer certification. This location allows them to support fleets In Southern California with electrical vehicles.  Safety equipment and the rigorous Volvo EV Certified Dealer Program have helped ensure safety for these companies as well. Volvo Trucks also supports commercial development of Class 8 battery-electric trucks throughout North America. Volvo Trucks is currently working to add additional Volvo EV Certified Dealers to its network of nearly 300 authorized full-service dealer touchpoints in North America.

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