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Saturday, September 23, 2023

Truck Drivers rescue man and dog

Two New Jersey truck drivers went beyond the call of duty earlier this week when they rescued not only a man, but also his dog, from a burning car in Mount Laurel.

Truck driver Ken Lear was the first to spot the smoking car on the side of northbound Interstate 295 the morning of Tuesday, Dec. 15, 2015. He pulled over and ran with his fire extinguisher to the car, which was so engulfed in smoke and flames, he couldn’t see the driver inside. Unfazed, he fought his way to the driver’s side door and managed to help the driver, Ron Legault, from the vehicle.

Legault informed Lear that his dog Riker, a husky, was still in the back seat. As Lear pulled the dog from the car, another trucker, Jeff Norwood, pulled over to help. The two truck drivers attempted to put out the fire and comforted Legault, who was shaken up by the incident.
Riker is currently receiving treatment for a brain tumor, but thanks to Lear and Norwood, the husky will have another day with his best friend.