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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

2016 Peterbilt Calendar available

Peterbilt models in a wide range of configurations to keep class on the wall all year round.

The Peterbilt calendar is available for sale at https://www.dcgonline.net/peterbiltretail/.

The 2016 calendar follows the same format as previous years with informative callout photos and facts that complement the primary image of the month.

“Peterbilt’s 2016 calendar showcases the latest lineup of on-highway, vocational and medium-duty Peterbilt vehicles,” said Jorge Medina, Peterbilt’s Director of Marketing.

The calendar is available in two versions:
· Wall size which measures 28 x 26 inches and retails for $16.75
· Appointment size which measures 13 x 9-3/4 inches and retails for $11.50

“The new calendar also highlights our newest product offerings, such as the aerodynamic Model 579 EPIQ, the vocational Model 567 in a set-forward front