How BC Trucking Companies Can Retain Foreign Workers Amid Alberta’s Attractive PR Options

By: Gurjot Singh Sidhu (Surrey Immigration Consultancy)

The Challenge and New Opportunities

If you’re a trucking company operating in British Columbia, you’ve likely experienced the growing issue of losing valuable truck drivers to Alberta, drawn by easier pathways to Permanent Residency (PR). However, the landscape is evolving. New opportunities, such as Express Entry specific draws for Transport Truck Drivers and the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP), are now making BC an increasingly attractive option for retaining foreign worker talent. RNIP is an especially useful tool if your operations are based in regional areas, as it allows you to play a direct role in helping your foreign workers with their PR journey.

Work-Life Balance and Legal Support

A balanced life is not a luxury; it’s a necessity, especially for those far from home. Offering flexible scheduling and generous paid time-off policies can be the difference-maker in retaining your staff. Another point of differentiation could be immigration support. Assisting with the paperwork or even offering financial support for visa renewals and PR applications can make all the difference. Employers can further incentivize retention by covering the cost of converting foreign driving licences to Canadian ones for employees who are new to the country.

Enhancing the BC Advantage

British Columbia has always been an appealing destination for truck drivers due to its amenable climate. To capitalize on this natural advantage, consider offering policies that allow your drivers sufficient time off to spend with their families, enriching both their professional and personal lives.

Communication and Recognition

Never underestimate the power of good communication and recognition. Simple initiatives like regular check-ins and employee awards for excellent performance can go a long way in making your employees feel valued and, in turn, more likely to stay with your company.

Need of Right Guidance for Employers and the Employees

In British Columbia, the misconception that Permanent Residency (PR) is unattainable for truck drivers often arises from poor advice given to employers and employees. However, new targeted Express Entry draws for transport truck drivers offer a viable path to PR. To capitalize on this, both employers and employees should be well-informed about the criteria and actions needed from day one of employment.

A Collective Call to Action

While there are PNPs targeted at sectors like childcare and tech, the trucking industry is yet to benefit from such specialised focus. This can change if we act collectively. By approaching the BC Government through a unified front, we can lobby for the initiation of targeted PNP draws for truck drivers, much like other sectors have successfully done.


In the competitive world of trucking, retaining top talent needs a multifaceted approach that goes beyond just financial rewards. By harnessing new immigration pathways, investing in employee well-being, and making a concerted effort to lobby for industry-specific benefits, BC trucking companies can ensure they are the employers of choice for foreign workers, effectively reducing the talent drain to Alberta.

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