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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Cedar Rapids continues to battle flooding

Many homes and businesses in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, remained vacant Tuesday, Sept. 27, as flooding threatened much of the area.

According to CNN, more than 10,000 residents were evacuated from their homes.

The Cedar River crested Tuesday morning at 22.1, which was about a foot lower than had been predicted on Monday. Still, it was the river’s second-highest peak ever.

As of Tuesday afternoon, all downtown bridges were closed, as well as the 8th, 12th and 16th Avenue bridges.

Several Interstate 380 ramps were closed, including at 19A, 19B, 19C and 20A.

State Highway 922, which is 1st Avenue, was closed in three locations in Cedar Rapids, and Highway 150 was closed near Vinton.

The official Cedar Rapids website reminds drivers that the left inside lane (which is closest to the median) of I-380 is reserved for emergency vehicles only within the city limits of Cedar Rapids. Motorists are encouraged not to slow down on the interstate to look at the river.

“Slowing down causes unsafe traffic conditions and leads to congestion,” the website said.