Automated Fleet Washing Equipment for Profit-Maximizing Trucking Companies

Experience effortless truck washing in less time. Created with intention for today’s innovative and intelligent transportation businesses.

Your image means everything and maintaining a beautiful looking fleet doesn’t need to be a frustrating task that requires a substantial amount of time, effort, and money. What if you could stop wasting time sitting in traffic, long truck-wash lines, hiring expensive wash crews, or manually washing your vehicles?  Wash-Bots can help you access the equipment you need to automate and optimize your washing in-house.

Wash-Bots Canada is the exclusive Canadian distributor for Bitimec of Italy’s top-of-the-line truck washing equipment.  For over 30 years, Bitimec’s high-quality European designed systems have been sold in over 40 countries on 5 continents.

Our machines allow you to multipurpose your service bay or yard space into a wash facility without the expense of a fully automatic building structure.

Wash‑Bots Machines are the Perfect Solution for Washing Your Trucks.

Our portable washing equipment allows you to move freely from bay to bay and inside to outside. All are completely self-contained, meaning there are no external hoses, cords, or cables to hold you back. Our units run on clean energy using a high-capacity ‘quick-charge’ rechargeable batteries, giving you the ability to wash up to 40 vehicles in a single charge.

Meet the Machine

Pony LX – Makes Washing So Easy It’s Almost Fun

Wash-Bots Pony LX ride-on truck washing equipment has quickly become the fastest selling model in Canada; we simply cannot keep these units in stock.  Our clients absolutely love how quick and easy these machines are to use.

Available in two power versions; battery only for both indoor or outdoor use and long-lasting hybrid diesel/electric drive for round the clock washing capabilities.  The Pony provides a fully enclosed ride-on cab to improve operator ease and comfort.  Washing outdoors in the rain has never been so easy!

626-EZ – Effortlessly Wash Your Truck and Trailer in
Less than 8 Minutes

With our portable 626-EZ, one person can effortlessly power clean the entire surface of your truck and trailer in less than 8 minutes. You’re not dreaming. All of our truck wash systems include a warrantied for life, stainless steel frame which supports a 320-gallon freshwater tank and a 25-gallon cleaning solution tank. These sizable tanks allow truck owners to wash their fleet without constantly refilling the fluids, and yet are still compact enough to keep the machines portable.

The 626-EZ comes with adjustable stainless steel anti-scratch spray nozzles to help direct the flow of water into hard-to-reach areas on your trucks and trailers. Experience exceptional cleaning no matter where you do it.

Tank EZ Meet Your New Workhorse

The TANK EZ is your complete portable tanker washing solution.  The ‘Easy Drive’ 4-wheel steering and self-propelled drive system provides impeccable control for smooth, end-to-end, tireless operation. A single operator can effortlessly soap, wash, and rinse the entire surface of your tanker units in less than 8 minutes.

Designed for washing tankers, bulk haulers, and just about anything else, the large 5′ 3″ diameter brush maneuvers to clean all the hard-to-reach places. This state-of-the-art unit cleans deeply and effortlessly every single time.

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