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Friday, June 21, 2024

Altruck Announces Wheel Check Safety Campaign

Altruck announced its renewed dedication to wheel safety today with its Wheel Check Safety and Awareness Campaign.

The campaign is set to run from March 21 – October 31 and Altruck says during that period it will:

Promote the use of Wheel-Check loose wheel-nut indicators.
Educate staff on wheel safety.
Donate $1.00 for each package sold to Trucks for Change Network and;
Invite customers to partner with them in supporting Trucks for Change Network.

“Truck wheels come off for several reasons but loose lug nuts, cracked wheels and worn or damaged bearings are the most common causes,” said Altruck in a release. “Improved wheel care and maintaining proper wheel-nut torque can help reduce the number of accidents. The new commercial vehicles are advanced and safer than ever before. It is our mission, at Altruck to work with our staff and our customers to continue to create safer roads for the public, our customers, the truck drivers and the environment.”

According to Altruck, Wheel-Check is a loose wheel nut indicator that helps identify a loose wheel-nut with just a visual inspection. The loose wheel-nut indicators are placed in a pattern on the wheel nuts after a thorough service. If the indicators come out of sequence then it means a wheel nut has become loose. Drivers can catch this when doing a circle check.

“We hope this campaign will draw attention to this issue and help prevent future accidents,” Altruck added.