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Paragon Software Systems on its mapping technology

Paragon Software Systems on its mapping technology that incorporates Street-Level Mapping, Average Road Speed Data, and Truck Attribute Data can deliver “smarter mapping for smarter planning,” according to the company.

“When producing a transportation plan, managers want to get as close to reality as possible,” said William Salter, CEO and President, Paragon Software Systems. “These modules make the plans more accurate so that the slack often included within the plan goes from an average of 15 percent to zero, meaning that you can give your customers much more accurate delivery times at lower costs.”

According to the company, Street Level Mapping provides for enhanced dense drop delivery performance, more efficient urban routing and more accurate planning. It offers:

Direction of Travel (One-Way)

Turn Restrictions (No Left, Right or U-Turn)

Full Street Level Coverage

Street Level Routing Functionality

Address-Range Geocoding

Truck Attribute Data helps prevent detours and reduces mileage. It streamlines the creation of cost effective, feasible transport plans that avoid truck restrictions by:

Featuring physical height, weight, width and length (HWWL) information for primary, main and some secondary road networks

Including similar non-physical restrictions that apply 24/7 such as travelling at certain hours only within a residential section

Enabling the automatic calculation of transport plans that avoid, for example, low bridges when using high vehicles

Tests conducted using these modules found that the number of vehicles could be reduced to make the same number of deliveries; driver shifts per day decreased by 5%, the company said; and hours on duty could be reduced by 5%. “By lowering mileage and providing more accurate plans, drivers found that the transport plans created with these modules were much more achievable, and allowed them to meet their customer service goals,” adds Salter.