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Saturday, February 4, 2023

Alberta Convoy To Ottawa


The group organizing this convoy released a tentative schedule to be found below.  This convoy is to protest the carbon tax, and to get the pipeline built.  

Tentative schedule:

 Feb 15th: Red Deer Alberta to Calgary.

Feb 16th : Leave Calgary, AB. Calgary. Calgary convoy to travel to Regina, SK (756.6km via Trans Canada Hwy – 6hrs, 58min) 

Feb 17th: Additional trucks join convoy  to Parliament Hill. Regina, SK to Kenora, Ontario (791.3 km via Trans-Canada Hwy – 7 hours 47 minutes)

Feb 18th: Kenora, ON to Thunder Bay, ON (489.2 km via Trans-Canada Hwy/ON-17 E – 5 hours 25 minutes)

Feb 16th: Thunder Bay, ON to Goulais River, ON (695.3 km via Trans-Canada Hwy E/ON-17 E – 7 hours 36 minutes)

Feb 17th: Goulais River, ON to North Bay, ON (466.4 km via Trans-Canada Hwy/ON-17 & Trans-Canada Hwy/ON-17 – 5 hours 26 minutes)

Feb 18th: North Bay, ON to Ottawa, ON (358.5 km via Trans Canada Hwy/ON-17 – 3 hours 53 minutes)

Feb 19th: CONVOY RALLY AT PARLIAMENT HILL. Meet up with other convoys scheduled for the same day.