World of Volvo Will Open April 2024

By: Jag Dhatt

Gothenburg, Sweden – One of the most anticipated landmarks in Gothenburg will be opening in April 2024. World of Volvo, a state-of-the-art building made of wood and glass, will be a central meeting place for anyone who resides in or visits Gothenburg.

Powered by Volvo Cars and the Volvo Group, World of Volvo will retain Scandinavian style and architecture. Built on a solid platform of eco-friendly concrete, the glulam beams and cross-laminated timber will hide the metal connectors so as to give a natural look. Not only that, the top “floor” will feature a green oasis, accessible by most offices on the outer sides. During our exclusive tour of the building, the oasis was a spectacular view; in fact, while on the greenery, one forgets that s/he is standing in the middle of a city. With the oasis on an upward slant on its outskirts, all you see is greenery.

Deemed as “an ideal meeting place”, World of Volvo is aimed at hosting exhibitions, events and eating experiences. With over 22, 000 square meters of space on five stories, this Experience Centre will house 2 exhibition areas, 2 restaurants, 6 conference rooms, an event hall, broadcast studio, outdoor plaza many co-working areas and lounges. Residents, and visitors, can meet and students will definitely be able to find a place to study in a pleasant environment.

“Apart from exhibitions, it won’t cost anything to visit World of Volvo,” says Magnus Wrahme, CEO of World of Volvo. “The building and park around it will be open to everyone. This unique arena we believe will help uplift the whole of Gothenburg and we are very proud of this initiative.”

World of Volvo will be visible from afar and become a memorable landmark for anyone who visits the city. It will truly be the heart for all Volvo companies.

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