WABCO MAXXUS™ 2.0 from ZF – Performance, Safety, Driver Confidence Make Them the Future of Air Disc Brakes

If you’re interested in maintaining a fleet and increasing uptime, if you’re interested in safety and performance advantages, and if you’re interested in maximizing the comfort and confidence of drivers, you should be interested in air disc brake (ADB) technology. If you are an owner-operator, your interests are the same; and in addition, your personal pride in ownership leads you to seek the best for your truck.

With fewer moving parts, more heat dissipation and easier maintenance, ADBs have a longer life than traditional drum brakes. And they have other advantages – they can enable shorter stopping distances and can provide more stable braking.

WABCO MAXXUS™ 2.0, the future of ADBs
The commercial vehicle industry has been rapidly adopting ADBs, moving away from traditional drum and wedge brakes, for all these reasons and because they also can provide excellent driver comfort and the precision needed for today’s advanced driving features.

ADBs are the future of braking; and the WABCO MAXXUS™ 2.0 product line from ZF, is at the forefront of ADB technology. WABCO MAXXUS™ 2.0 – its 5th generation – is the result of more than 20 years of innovation and experience in single-piston ADBs.

WABCO MAXXUS™ 2.0 features comparable output force to double-piston technology. Its redesigned active taper wear mitigation system ensures even pressure distribution on the brake pad surface resulting in even pad wear. Combine that with its 65% fewer parts* than double-piston designs, that means reduced weight, and can mean less maintenance as well. Additionally, the use of redundant seals on both the guide pin and piston boot help ensure internal components are protected from dirt and debris damage; making for reliable brake solutions, optimized for advanced protection and increased uptime.

If you need an even lighter variant, there is WABCO MAXXUS™ L2.0 – the lightest truck ADB available in North America. † Weighing just 67 lbs., it is more than four pounds lighter than the closest North American competing ADB, which translates to a weight advantage of up to 24 pounds per vehicle. And – it offers the same updated features and high-quality performance as the WABCO MAXXUS 2.0.

Driver confidence and comfort, improved safety and uptime
Driver confidence and comfort can be keys to increase uptime and improve vehicle safety. In addition to the confidence provided by shorter braking distances. With less chatter and virtually no pulling or fading, WABCO MAXXUS 2.0 provide more consistent performance, even in extreme downhill or wet road conditions. All of which can combine to provide greater comfort and improved driver response.

WABCO MAXXUS 2.0 can also make contributions to vehicle safety through its advanced mechanism that continuously adjusts to maintain an optimal running clearance – even in extreme conditions – while minimizing the risk of hot runners.

Helping support drivers’ confidence and comfort is part of the ZF commitment to maximize vehicle uptime and operational efficiency whether you are maintaining a fleet or you are an owner-operator. That commitment includes a comprehensive aftersales support network of more than 5,000 distribution points equipped to help serving you every mile of the way. Our growing distribution network help ensuring you will get the parts you need – when you need them.

WABCO MAXXUS™ 2.0 single-piston ADBs from ZF can be a critical part of braking systems, through innovations that include fewer moving parts, lighter weight, and higher reliability. Commercial vehicle fleet operators and owner-operators increasingly recognize that an investment in WABCO MAXXUS 2.0 is an investment in both driver and vehicle performance and safety.

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* Compared to double piston clamping unit design.
† MAXXUS 2.0 is 69 lbs.; MAXXUS L2.0 is 67 lbs.

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