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Monday, December 11, 2023

Vehicle Tracking Solutions offers module to improve driver safety


Vehicle Tracking Solutions (VTS) recently deployed an additional module to its Silent Passenger Fleet Management GPS platform: SP Driver Score Card.

The enhanced SP Driver Score Card is specifically designed to help fleet operators increase their profit, improve driver safety and reduce vehicle maintenance costs. Through the SP Driver Score Card configuration wizard, a proprietary algorithm allows fleet managers to monitor what they deem most important within their specific organization.

“The SP Driver Score Card module is specifically designed to capture analytics to help our customers monitor driver performance in real-time; therefore, addressing unsafe driver behavior before it’s too late,” said John M. Cunningham, president and CEO of Vehicle Tracking Solutions. “This data will also assist you in coaching your drivers to ensure they are aware of driving habits that are left unchecked. In addition to the safety ramifications, improving driving behaviour has a direct correlation to vehicle maintenance cost reductions. Our clients share this is one of those software solutions that is truly a win-win for organizations who are both cost reduction and employee safety conscious.”

Recently, Jack Williams Tire in Pennsylvania started using the SP Driver Score Card. By taking steps to improve driver behaviour on the road, they have seen an increase in profits and were able to save on their insurance premiums as well.

“What we noted within the first 30 days, was not only a sharp reduction in incidents but also that the nature of those incidents no longer involved speeding; and damages were now minimal,” said Alex Mark, vice president of operations for Jack Williams Tire. “Plus, the drivers were finding they needed to fill their tanks less frequently. We could not have done all this without the help of the VTS.”