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Sunday, July 21, 2024

Value of Truck Cargo Thefts Skyrockets in US

The number of truck cargo thefts in the U.S. declined by about 11 percent last quarter but the value of each heist has increased dramatically – by 89% — according to a new report from the logistics security services provider FreightWatch International. Electronics was the product type most often stolen, reports the firm – comprising 19% of all incidents. Products targeted in this category include televisions, mobile phones and mixed consumer electronics. The food/drinks industry experienced 16% of the total thefts, mainly consisting of meats, packaged foods and carbonated drinks. Eleven percent of all incidents were in the home/garden product type, including appliances, home décor items and cleaning supplies. Florida experienced the most thefts (25%), followed by California, Texas and Georgia. Of the incidents in which a location type was recorded, unsecured parking was the most common by far – 87% of the total. The pharmaceuticals sector had the highest average loss value this quarter at $5.6 million. Clothing/shoes, averaged $540,218 in losses. Electronics followed, with an average loss value of $425,420.