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Sunday, March 3, 2024

Ogdensburg Bridge wants more traffic.


The Ogdensburg Bridge & Port Authority is the GATEWAY TO THE U.S. & CANADIAN MARKETS in New York’s North Country. The bridge is in close proximity to over 60% of Canada’s total population, located in the Provinces of Ontario and Quebec. The bridge also provides Canadians with convenient access to all points in the North Eastern United States.

For Canadian businesses seeking a U.S. location, look no further than Ogdensburg, New York. The Authority has assisted numerous Canadian firms with expanding to Ogdensburg as a means of gaining access to the U.S. Market. And we want to help your business expand to the U.S. market as well. We have available buildings and sites; business incentives; and a high quality, low cost labor pool. Call today for assistance.

The Authority also plays a vital role in transportation in the North Country through its other assets – the Port of Ogdensburg; Ogdensburg International Airport and the New York and Ogdensburg Railway.  You are invited to view the website http://www.ogdensport.com/ and learn more about how the Authority can assist you with your transportation and economic development needs.