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Uberization of Trucking

Uberization of Trucking

There’s a lot of talk going on about the Uberization of Trucking, yet while there are some good things about Uber that will help and make trucking different and different for the better, but is it enough?

There will be and are a dearth of “me too” companies that will be and are copying the Uber model, none of these new “concepts” are improving the Uber experience.

One does stand apart, however.

The founders of XYpper.com have spent many long years and countless dollars creating a Truck Load Management System that solves the finding freight problem for everyone from the small business owner operator trucker to the largest of fleets, although the large fleets have spent copious amounts of money to develop their own system.

The main thing with XYpper Load Management System is it was never conceived in the Uber model but with entirely independent thinking by those who have spent decades in the trucking industry.

The XYpper Truck Load Management System allows for loads to be posted by Load Brokers, Carriers, or even Shippers and have those load requests sent to the very truckers who are in a position to pick up said load. The XYpper Truck Load Management System goes on to permit those available truckers to accept or reject the load, but when accepted, the rest of the details of the load are delivered to the trucker again, where he or she may accept, reject, or negotiate for the load.

The XYpper Truck Load Management System further tracks the load by the entity in charge of the load (Load Broker, Carrier, Shipper) and when delivered the XYpper Truck Load Management System has a signature capture feature. Immediately, and without further prompting, an invoice is created and delivered to whomever is to pay the freight bill.

The XYpper Truck Load Management System has a built in fifty mile radius zone around the signed up truck so as the truck travels along, the freight within that fifty mile zone is made available to the trucker.

The XYpper Truck Load Management System can be modified to be organization specific.