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Friday, June 21, 2024

TTSAO On Side with Plan for Mandatory Entry Level Driver Training

The Truck Training Schools Association of Ontario (TTSAO) has announced support for the province’s plans to introduce mandatory entry-level driver training. TTSAO would also like a seat at the table as the standards are developed.

The association says it represents training schools that provide a quality of training that surpasses all provincial requirements.

“Membered schools of TTSAO are not the problem,” said Yvette Lagrois, TTSAO president. “Our TTSAO schools produce solid, entry-level graduates. All TTSAO schools offer a 200-hour registered program and have been delivering quality education for decades.”

The TTSAO wrote a letter of support when the Ontario Trucking Association called on the province to introduce mandatory entry-level driver training standards.

“We were very clear in that letter that we supported mandatory entry-level driver training in principle and we were also very clear that we need to be involved in all communications regarding how mandatory training will roll out,” Lagrois said. “To date, we have had numerous meetings with the government regarding training issues, and recently we have been promised to be at the table for any further discussions with (OTA) Blue Ribbon Task Force as the process moves forward.”

Carriers wishing to learn more about the TTSAO’s training standards can contact Lagrois at 866-475-9436 or at 905-260-4343 or by e-mail at Yvette.lagrois@otta.ca. They can also contact Kim Richardson, TTSAO’s director of information at 905-512-0254 or at krichardson@krway.com