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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Traffic Delays Could be Imminent in Saskatoon

Construction of overpasses at two busy intersections in Saskatoon could get underway seven years sooner than expected.

The city says it’s working on a new funding plan with a developer and the Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure. It’s hoping to speed up the construction of interchanges at Boychuck Drive and Highway 16, and at McOrmand Drive and College Drive.
Angela Gardiner is Saskatoon’s Director of Transportation.

“Both of these two intersections are currently operating with significant congestion and delays,” Gardiner said.

“We also have concerns with the ongoing development in the adjacent areas.”

The interchanges were not scheduled to proceed until 2022. And in the interim intersection upgrades were planned for 2015-2016.

“If we were to push the time frames out further we would have do some interim improvements to these intersections,” Gardiner said. “But by expediting it we’re able to eliminate the need for those interim improvements.”

The city says once a funding agreement is finalized construction could start in October of 2015 with completion expected in November of 2017.

The cost for each overpass is pegged at $35 million.