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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Trucking for a Cure Brockville


Approximately, 60 trucks assembled at the Brockville Shopping Centre each having found pledges to raise money for the fight against breast cancer. Registration opened at nine and by eleven the convoy was ready to roll.

This year Tackaberry had collected pledges totalling some $8,000 enough to be the lead truck. Well not quite the lead, the OPP Van lead the way clearing the highway for the convoy.

Superior Propane was next with just shy of $7,000. D&D Tree Service next with almost $4,000. Team Travelers came in with almost $3,000. Individual efforts from Andy Bell, Brad Robinson, Dave McKinnon, Shawn Lake, Renelle Debissage and the group from Steve Polite gravel. combined adding another nearly $2,000 each. The rest of the field some fifty more drivers brought in even more money for the cause.

Joanne MacKenzie driving “Pinky” as always, did a marvellous job of organizing, securing sponsors, and venue. Good job Jo Jo, again. We’ll help you keep up the fight until this beast is beaten.