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Friday, March 1, 2024

Transportation Management System by Manhattan Assoc.


Manhattan Associates, Inc. announced new additions to its Transportation Management System (TMS) to allow shippers to utilize the transportation market’s sharing economy.

Available as a free download from the Apple App Store or Google Play, Manhattan noted its new TMS Mobile application leverages the ubiquity of smartphones to reduce the barrier to entry and give small and medium-sized contract carriers access to constant, real-time visibility.

“In the same way ride-sharing companies use smartphones to provide quick and simple access to transportation, TMS Mobile also leverages these devices to provide shippers the same, effortless access to available transportation resources. The goal of this new economic model is to improve customer convenience and service levels, while decreasing overall costs,” said Gregg Lanyard, director of product management at Manhattan Associates.

Manhattan’s TMS 2017 also introduces integration with MacroPoint, a global freight platform that provides shippers with real-time visibility of freight they have entrusted to third-party carriers. Additionally, Manhattan said it delivered enhancements to its ready-to-ship functionality to better facilitate inbound transportation flows, expanded support for LTL shippers with density-based rating and improved usability in multiple areas, including contract management and invoicing.

Manhattan also unveiled an updated Carrier Management suite of decision support tools for truckload carriers. New features include Driver&Load, a multi-threaded optimization engine, and a web interface for Load Analyzer.