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Sunday, March 3, 2024

Driver iQ presents online employment verification

Driver iQ presents online employment verification

Driver iQ announced SingleCheck Employment Verification online service is available to motor carriers for processing all direct employment verification requests on current and past drivers.

“With SingleCheck we are saving over two hours each day processing an average of 65 employment verification requests,” said Steve Sanchez, recruiting supervisor for CFI, a truckload carrier with 2,500 drivers. “We have always done our own verifications manually and made it a point to return requests as quickly as possible, but with such a high number of requests we needed to take that workload off of our administrative staff while maintaining the ability for a quick turnaround time. By using SingleCheck from Driver iQ they can now focus on other tasks and further aid in our recruiting and retention efforts.”

Carriers and non-carriers can access the online SingleCheck Employment Verification service through a link on carriers’ websites. To perform employment verifications using SingleCheck, users register once with Driver iQ. The registration validates the requestor’s information to ensure the proper Fair Credit Reporting Act purpose (DOT verification, employment verification, or credit verification) is assigned. Driver iQ noted it maintains a complete history of the transactions, which carriers can review.

“SingleCheck Employment Verification eliminates the time involved in handling the many direct employment verification requests motor carriers receive from other employers and creditors,” said Lana Batts, co-president at Driver iQ. “The service also provides a secure way to manage current and former employee information for employee record audits at a minimal cost.”