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Sunday, March 3, 2024

TransForce Owned Carrier Raises Driver Pay

EAGAN, MN —Canadian trucking giant TransForce has one of their US Companies, Transport America, increasing driver pay for all current and potential drivers.

Class of operator               Pay increase

Owner Operators                     +2 cents per mile

Team Drivers                            +1 cent per mile

Hazmat pay                               +4 cents per mile

Newly hired drivers            up to 40 cents per mile

Four years

experienced drivers               43 cents per mile

Could this trend be coming to Canada anytime soon?

Or will the bean counters at TransForce figure out that being paid by the mile is inherently unfair?

TransForce is big enough to effect a major upheaval in the way drivers and owner operators are paid, and make it a fairer playing field, however, will they do so?

Two or three cents a mile isn’t going to have TransForce recruiters living the easy life, in fact, it won’t change much at all.  Discovering a methodology to pay drivers paying them for all they do, not just the “wheels turning” portion, will.