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Thursday, January 26, 2023

Thompson Band Creates Video For Women’s Trucking Federation of Canada


The team from WTFC as well as our friends from the Thompson Band are getting very excited as it’s almost video weekend. We’d like to give special thanks to Flash Freight for allowing us to use their facilities to shoot the music video.

On behalf of the team from WTFC a huge thank you to Danny Thompson for writing this song dedicated to the women of the trucking industry. Danielle we can’t wait to hear your sweet voice singing this song.

Special thanks to the ladies who have graciously agreed to be a part of the video and their companies for supporting them. Hayley Mackay ( Luckhart Transport Ltd) , Johanne Couture ( Contrans Tank ) , Joanne Mackenzie ( Highland) , Alex Kis ( Manitoulin )

Thank you to Bob and the team from RJS Motorsports for coming out for the day and bringing the new #9 car which is being unveiled Sat April 27th 2019 at lot 42 in Kitchener 🙂 visit here for more details

Video is being done by Nik Pilecki from Hungryboy Productions

Our goal is to promote the women in the industry and hopefully encourage others , by show casing the various parts of the trucking industry and the women who get the job done !

We need your help ladies… we would like to have 50 ladies featured in this video, as well as 11 who would lip sync the chorus. Full details are available below.

Oh you want more details….ooops sorry but you’ll have to wait for the video launch party to see all the pieces of the puzzle put together 🙂

The Thompson Band will be playing at various trucking events thru out the summer, so stay tuned to their Facebook page for locations and dates.