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Theft of Trailer & Cargo

Incident Description
Between 9/17/14 at 10:00 PM and 9/18/14 at 4:00 AM, a trailer and cargo of sports drinks were stolen from Fieldgate Drive, Mississauga, ON.

The victim stated he was driving to the yard with his brother-in-law at around 4:00 AM and noticed a suspicious Cadillac peel away from the facility. He immediately noticed his trailer wasn’t where he parked it and found his tractor in the middle of the yard. He stated that he smelled burning rubber and believes that the theft had just occurred at around 4:00 AM due to the suspicious vehicle and burning rubber smell from the thieves dragging the tractor away from the trailer.

Date – Time – Location
Date & Time: Between 9/17/2014 at 10:00 PM and 9/18/2014 at 4:00 AM
Address: Fieldgate Drive
City: Mississauga
State: ON

Trailer Details
Year: 2013
Make: Utility
Model: 53′ reefer
Color: White
Number: 5305
License Plate: K2149P
License State: ON
Markings: “5305” on the back and front left. Trailer is visibly dirty.

Cargo Details
Sports drinks
Quantity: 1935 Units
Approximate Value: $13,884

Contact Information
Those with information are asked to contact the CargoNet Command Center at 1-888-595-2638.