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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Tesla Reveals Base Prices


Tesla has revealed pricing for its new all-electric Semi and it’s much lower than expected.

The base price in the US for the Semi with a 300-mile range will be $150,000 while the base price for the 500-mile model will be $180,000. The Founders Series Semi, which can be reserved today, costs $200,000. For comparison, most diesel semi trucks today cost around $120,000.

Tesla says its Semi has a total cost per mile of $1.26 compared with a diesel truck’s $1.51. The 300-mile Semi will be $30,000 more than the upfront cost of a diesel semi, but Tesla argues it can offer substantial savings on operating costs such as maintenance and fuel. It says owners will get a two-year payback and “$200,000+ in fuel savings”.

The Tesla Semi has several differences from a traditional semi. Instead of a motor under the hood, it has four independent motors located on the rear axles. The driver’s seat is also positioned in the centre of the cabin over the nose of the truck, offering the drive a clearer outlook. It also features Enhanced Autopilot, as well as emergency braking and lane-keep assist.

Tesla boasts the Semi can reach 60mph with a full load within 20 seconds and drive at 65mph on a road with a five percent gradient.