“If our employee is in need then he/she should come first to us for help as they are part of our business family”.

Brothers Devoted to Excellence!

Sukhwinder Singh Bassi and Harvinder Singh Bassi, who own North America’s leading trucking business – ASL Global Logistics – believe in the fact that each employee who joins their enterprise becomes part of their over 500 employees strong ASL family. The indomitable brothers are wise in worldly ways by putting this principle sincerely in practice leading to ASL Global Logistics emerging as a mega trucking empire in North America.

What is now an accomplished trucking business, once had humble beginnings. Bassi brothers got into the business after observing the proven success rate of Indo-Canadians in the business. Their ability to innovate and collaborate with the most recognized brands in Corporate Canada made them the ideal partners for companies pursuing large-scale, well established, and comprehensive businesses in North America. For the brothers, it didn’t take long to go from being drivers of Freightliners to owner operators and then on to fleet owners – a bold and swift journey.

The steadfast attitude of the Bassi brothers lead them to carve a niche in the auto part carriers’ business. With each brother taking responsibility for a distinct set of functions and coming together whenever required for a joint decision – their business is run efficiently and professionally with a sound ethical foundation.

Prosperity favours the bold, and one such decision taken by the Bassi Brothers was getting into the Tanker business. They had been one of the first few among the Indo Canadian community who ventured into being the carriers for the auto parts in Canada and yet again, they have become pioneers in building a fleet of tankers, believed to be fifty in number.

Their trucking company’s tankers haul cement successfully where many others didn’t. Their fleet of tankers work along with construction companies for large projects such as road paving and bridge building. The brothers intend to strengthen their fleet of tankers as it is working well with their strategic growth plans – there is no denying the fact the brothers went into tanker business with a sure hand.

Great leadership and Great employees built the ASL trucking company! The Bassi Brothers mentor, train and care for their team members. There are new immigrants who reach out to them with the intention of joining the Trucking Industry. They are candidly told about the hardships encountered by a trucking professional.

However, they also mentor young professionals, resulting in many of them becoming owner operators and able to lead a good lifestyle. At a personal engagement with their employees, Bassi brothers want to be the first to stand by their employees if they are ever in need.

With a strong conviction in ethical prosperity, the brothers believe in sharing their knowledge and experiences with their employees. They follow the principle that success is not built on anyone’s suffering. The brothers engage the industry’s top professionals for providing Safety training to their employees on a regular basis as employee safety first is key to the success of their business.

The brothers have another business venture – Guru Nanak Truck dealership – that is instrumental in assisting truck drivers own a truck and become owner operator. They believe in giving their best when it comes to helping anyone who aspires to join in the trucking industry. Bassi brothers work ethic is ‘To always be prepared to the highest level in the industry’. They are committed to their customer’s requirements. They have for many years served their customers earnestly all over the North American continent. Their attitude to embrace change and strong will to keep on improving the processes involved in trucking business, has made them the top most business leaders in the trucking business.

With the signing of the US-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), which replaces NAFTA as a North American Free Trade agreement, Canadian trucking industry will make positive gains, mentioned the Bassi brothers. The cross-border trucking was one of the important points of the agenda in the trade negotiations with the United States. The agreement mandates that North American manufactured vehicles must consist of 75% of parts made in North America, that is up from 62.5% under the previous agreement. Bassi brothers stated that this will increase employment in the manufacturing sector in Canada. They sincerely hope that both nations vis-à-vis Canada and the United States of America come to a resolution over steel and aluminum tariffs issues. At the provincial level, the brothers want to see flexibility in employment of drivers. As an Ontario based trucking business, the shortage of good drivers is the biggest challenge, hence the brothers hope to see that the Ontario government helps the industry address this issue and bring about a positive change.  

To be the leaders in the trucking industry entails being socially responsible business. The brothers are each other’s strength and they believe their strength increases manifold with the empowerment of people around them. The brothers contribute in many ways to improve society. Their efforts have ranged from financial donations to non-profit organizations to implementing environmentally clean policies in various institutions. They keep themselves abreast with the issues concerning the community. Every effort is made by them to provide assistance for the neglected communities. When the Bassi brothers came to know about the Kar Sewa of the kitchen of the Gurdwara Sahib at Dixie road, they went ahead and contributed a significant proportion towards its construction.

They are in regular touch with their village in Punjab as grassroot connections are important for them. On one of their visits they realized that the senior citizens of their village did not have any subsistence allowance, as it exists in Canada. They marked generous allowance for each of the nearly 140 senior citizens of their village. They also organized a process to distribute this allowance, led by the erstwhile village head under the auspices of Sardar Kehar Singh Charitable Trust – naming the trust after their grandfather. Now a monthly ledger is maintained of the allowance that is distributed to the village seniors. Another significant contribution that they made was helping their village Sarahli, in Tehsil Phillaur, District Jullundur built a sewer system. It has brought sanitation to their village.

The brothers realize well that the youth are drifting towards illicit activities such as drugs or gangs. They, along with other likeminded entrepreneurs, have started Kabaddi competitions. Teams from all over Canada and abroad participate in these competitions, which is an inspirational and engaging endeavor for the young generations. To mark the occasion of the 550th year birth celebrations of Guru Nanak Dev ji – the founder of the Sikh faith, at Gurdwara Nankana Sahib, Pakistan, their team is organizing one of the world’s biggest kabaddi competition.

Strengthening the local community and its institutions is fundamental for the brothers. They contributed a significant amount to the fund-raising campaign for the local hospital. They make these contributions, express their concern for specific issues and support for certain organizations altruistically.

Bassi brothers are aware of the large carbon foot print of the Trucking industry. They work along with the industry and incorporate new technologies that may help reduce the foot print. They keep a new fleet of trucks that is equipped with the cutting-edge technology that does not require the truck to consume diesel when not in use. The Bassi brothers are a perfect example of businessmen who integrate their ethos into their culture and surroundings. The Sikh Guru’s propounded that meditate daily, work hard and share your wealth with the needy; the Bassi Brothers follow this ethos religiously.

When asked ‘How do you relax to rejuvenate?’ they responded, “By working as we enjoy our work!” Having said so, they also mentioned a recent interest that they have begun to develop, and that is to own the world’s best breeds of horses. They have recently bought a hundred acres of land and are developing it as a ranch. Their aim is to keep twenty to twenty-five horses to begin with. They also intend to be close to nature thus rejuvenating themselves and resulting in higher productivity in the long term. The remaining time they spend with their families who have ardently supported the brothers through their journey of building a successful trucking empire. Sukhminder Bassi’s wife Hardeep Bassi and children Harpreet Bassi and Sarvpreet Bassi, and Harminder Bassi’s wife Harman Bassi and children Simran Bassi and Gurdhami Bassi are tied strongly together into a one family unit blessed by their parents Iqbal Bassi and Mandeep Bassi. Everyone in the Bassi family creates a healthier and more productive family environment which is crucial to the work environment of the ASL Logistic’s business family – the family that proudly owns over 170 trucks, 250 trailers and 50 tankers.

Sukhminder and Harminder – the Bassi brothers are courageous but humble business leaders who believe in showing respect for all!

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