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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Capacity, Drivers Shortage and the ELD solved with XYpper

What if the villain of the ELD Mandate story turned out to be a hero?

ELDs may be demonized unfairly. The enforcement of drivers’ Hours of Service limitations is widely recognized as removing truck capacity from the market and installing ELDs takes money.

ELDs may not be the problem but the ELD is perceived to be the problem from both ends of the supply management chain.  From the drivers point of view ELDs have changed a fifteen minute window into a one second window.  That may not seem like a whole lot but it’s the difference between being able to park the truck at the start of a rest period or quickly stopping and hope you made it before your clock ran out.   One second over is a violation and there’s no ability to fudge that one second so authorities can and due offer punishment for that one second.  On the other hand, if you don’t maximize the available time to drive, then the driver manager is on the punishment case.  Drivers do maximize their available hours with as many miles as they can physically achieve. 

But the industry continues to pay drivers based on only productivity and miles achieved are the only proof of productivity.  

Full enforcement of the ELD mandate has brought some unwelcome surprises. Among these are reports of transit times increasing, as truckers over-estimate the hours needed to complete a run in order to avoid Hours of Service violations. Things such as these are driving greater inefficiencies into freight operations.

Freight delivery by truck can be a notoriously inefficient business. According to the National Private Truck Council, more than a quarter of US trucks are driving around empty. Even when they’re not empty, truck trailers are 36% under-utilized, according to Department of Transport statistics quoted by Homayoun Taherian of Cnergistics.

With the capacity crunch and driver shortage already hitting hard, the industry can’t afford to let the villain of inefficiency take even greater hold.

XYpper.com has developed a methodology to substantially reduces running empty miles, not only that, provides an ability to use that 36% under-utilized capacity.  The XYpper system also prevents drivers from that sitting around time waiting for someone to find him a load or from scrolling through countless screens in search of that next load. 

Happy busy drivers are more productive.  Happy productive drivers won’t want to look for greener pastures.  

XYpper doesn’t recruit drivers but it makes drivers satisfied and satisfied drivers are happy drivers and therefore not looking for a better place to work.  XYpper takes a large part of the load from the driver manager who then doesn’t have to crack that whip as severely.   Planning can be reduced to making sure driver down days are uninterrupted making for better satisfaction.  

XYpper is a winning technology that is going to change the way freight is relocated much more efficiently.  

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