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Sunday, June 23, 2024

Solar Powered Trailer Tracking

Spireon announced its first solar-powered trailer and asset telematics solution, providing customers with a new way to gain location information and Rich Data around their trailers and assets.

According to the company, the self-powered solution is compatible with a range of transportation vehicles and equipment, including dry vans and intermodal applications such as containers. Upon installation, customers tap into a renewable energy source that powers Spireon FleetLocate’s Rich Data telematics solution.

“Spireon FleetLocate is a complete trailer management solution that captures a wealth of Rich Data at the trailer level, then translates the data into easy-to-understand, actionable Business Intelligence,” stated Steve Blair, senior vice president of sales at Spireon. “From automating yard checks to right-sizing fleets and increasing driver satisfaction, Spireon customers see dramatic improvements across all areas of their operations, ensuring a rapid return on investment. We are excited to add this new solar-powered product to our industry leading portfolio, adding a new option for customers to dramatically improve their trailer management operations.”

Spireon said its new solar-powered hardware integrates with the Spireon FleetLocate solution, providing businesses with “real-time location visibility and data for their trailers and assets, now with increased power source reliability and decreased hassle, time and resources spent on maintenance.”

The unit is designed to ensure maximum durability both on and off the road, the company added. Trailers and assets can gather telematics information without drawing power from an external battery, Spireon said.

“Spireon’s track record of telematics innovation has solidified the Company’s position as a leader in empowering fleet and transportation businesses to improve operational and utilization efficiencies,” stated Roni Taylor, vice president of industry relations at Spireon. “Our innovation is driven by our commitment to delivering powerful new solutions to our customers, and our new solar-powered trailer tracking solution is another great example of Spireon delivering on that commitment for our customers.”