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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Future of Logistics.

Frost & Sullivan released a new report, “Future of Logistics,” which examines the effects of an increasingly complex, time-constrained environment on the supply chain. The report examines the logistics industry from 2011 through 2025 and concludes that firms must rethink their strategies and devise more agile models that leverage economies of scale while still meeting consumer demand. To accomplish such a paradigm shift, location-based deliveries made of fleet networks will be replaced with marketplace or app-centric, non-asset-based models.

The study explores the mega trends shaping logistics, technological, business model and market scenarios with an in-depth look at the unconventional winning strategies dethroning established services and participants.

The study answers questions about the major technology trends in logistics, major applications for autonomous machinery, new business models arising from technology integration, the role of big data and telematics, 3D printing, smart fleet operations, and new trade routes and economic hot spots.