SafetyDriven: Advancing the Standard of Safety Practices in BC

SafetyDriven – Trucking Safety Council of BC (TSCBC) is an industry-led organization that represents the occupational health and safety needs of businesses in the trucking, moving and storage industries, and related businesses in the transportation, warehousing, and logistics sector.

By providing training, services, mentorship, safety programs and certification, SafetyDriven supports the development of sustainable and effective injury prevention and risk management programs, with the ultimate goal of reducing injury and fatality rates in the workplace.

Health and Safety Association

SafetyDriven partners with clients to build their safety programs. Their occupational health and safety advisors provide one-to-one coaching and guidance of how to implement and manage safety programs on a company-wide scale. SafetyDriven’s worker- and driver-focused training programs are tailored to improve the skills and knowledge foundation required in the industry. Programs include coaching for building and maintaining a safety program; engaging management; providing resources, free training, and seminars; and offering one-on-one support. And the best part? Any company can start, regardless of their safety knowledge.

SafetyDriven partners with employers so they can:

  • Become safer
  • Improve efficiency
  • Prevent accidents
  • Protect workers and cargo

Certificate of Recognition Program

SafetyDriven is also the certifying partner for the trucking and related industries for WorkSafeBC’s Certificate of Recognition (COR) program. COR is awarded to employers who implement and maintain an occupational health and safety management system that meets or exceeds the requirements for COR Certification. SafetyDriven’s programs provide guidance on how to create an efficient operation that meets the safety standards for a COR audit. By demonstrating they are meeting an independently audited standard, companies can provide a safer working environment and enjoy more business opportunities, less operational risk, and recurring financial benefits. COR is for every company concerned with minimizing risk to their operations and financial viability. It is not confined to safety but also provides best practices for an efficient operation. COR is also useful for owner operators who do not have a safety background or dedicated specialists on staff. Companies who achieve COR are eligible for a 10 percent rebate on the previous year’s WorkSafeBC premiums.

A Truckload of Free Safety Resources

Everything the trucking, moving and storage, and related industries need to know about occupational health and safety can be found on Because SafetyDriven wants safety to be accessible by all, their extensive resource library is free and available to the public. Their resources page has an abundance of tools and information including posters, videos, podcasts, and policy templates that can be downloaded and modified. From commercial vehicle safety to occupational health and safety for managers or supervisors, health and safety representatives, drivers, and workers, SafetyDriven makes sure there is something for everyone in their ever-evolving truckload of resources.

SafetyDriven is committed to the health and safety of their clients and stakeholders, and they are here to assist you. To learn more about SafetyDriven‘s services and to contact them, visit

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