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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Port Metro Vancouver celebrates improved access


Improved access to rail facilities for commercial vehicles and increased rail capacity are two of the benefits resulting from the completion of the Low Level Road Project at Port Metro Vancouver.

Transport Canada took part in a ceremony March 19 celebrating the enhancements. The project involved realignment and elevation of about 2.6 kilometres of the Low Level Road, between St. Georges Ave. and Third Street East, providing space for two new rail tracks to improve switching efficiency and capacity. Road access was also improved.

“Our government is proud to deliver on another Asia-Pacific Gateway success story. The Low Level Road Project will contribute to Canada’s trade competiveness in the Asia-Pacific region, while providing environmental and economic benefits to local communities and industry right here on the North Shore,” said Andrew Saxton, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Finance and Member of Parliament for North Vancouver.

“The Low Level Road Project is a fantastic example of Port Metro Vancouver working to achieve our mandate by increasing trade opportunities for Canada while balancing the needs of the environment and local communities. This project and the joint effort of all funding partners will contribute significantly to increasing trade opportunities in the Pacific Gateway, while also increasing safety and quality of life for local residents in North Vancouver,” added Peter Xotta, vice-president of planning and operations, Port Metro Vancouver.

Officials said commercial trucks now have better access to rail facilities and there is increased rail and road capacity, enabling longer train lengths. Improved road connections have also been built to improve access to facilities bordering the rail tracks.