Peterbilt & Toyota Announce Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology Plan

Peterbilt proudly announced the introduction of hydrogen fuel cell technology for its heavy-duty truck line up. The announcement was made at ACT Expo in Anaheim, California in conjunction with parent company PACCAR’s announcement of a strategic partnership with Toyota.

“Peterbilt is quickly leveraging the lessons learned by PACCAR on earlier hydrogen fuel cell (FCEV) projects to broaden our zero emissions powertrain solutions available to our customers,” said Jason Skoog, PACCAR vice president and Peterbilt general manager. “Hydrogen fuel cell technology is a key component of a portfolio of Peterbilt zero emissions vehicles that also includes our advanced battery-electric models. Our partnership with Toyota will deliver the most advanced fuel cell powertrain in the industry,” added Skoog.

“Toyota is excited to support Peterbilt and its customers with a zero-emission powertrain kit to help reduce carbon and meet the demands of upcoming emissions reductions,” said Matt Stich, general manager Fuel Cell Solutions, Toyota Motor North America. “We’ve proven this hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric technology in real-world conditions and are excited to support commercial customers’ efforts to operate more sustainably,” concluded Stich.

The Peterbilt FCEV zero emissions vehicles will be available in 2025.

“Hydrogen fuel cells are a great solution for longer-range applications. The fuel cell is designed to power the vehicle and recharge the batteries in the propulsion system, providing more range without additional battery weight,” added Scott Newhouse, Peterbilt chief engineer. “We are designing these advanced vehicles for optimal performance in longer-haul applications,” concluded Newhouse.

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