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Friday, March 24, 2023

Old Dominion Donates to N.C. Transportation Museum

 Last week, N.C. Transportation Museum and the N.C Transportation Museum Foundation was able to purchase an existing building for additional automotive displays through a donation by Old Dominion Freight Line. The new showroom is close to 9,500 square feet and includes service bays to allow easy access for vehicles to enter.

The donations were made possible by the children of longtime executives and founders of Old Dominion Freight Line; Earl, Jack, and William Congdon.

“Jack’s three children and dad’s three children are the ones who donated the money to purchase this property for the museum. In honor of your hard, hard work all your life and your brother’s hard, hard work all his life,” said Audrey Congdon, daughter of Earl, at the ceremony on December 17. “It is an honour of the contributions you have made, and the contributions Old Dominion Freight Line has made to the transportation industry, and we’re so proud of you.”