More than 15 Trucks Have Hit Overpasses in BC in the Past Two Years

by: Jag Dhatt

In the past two years, there have been over 15 accidents that involved collisions between trucks and/or their cargo with overpasses in British Columbia, with many in the Lower Mainland.

The shocking numbers were announced after another truck carrying a load hit an overpass in Abbotsford on May 1st. Mounties said that nobody was injured in this incident, but another vehicle was damaged by the debris from the overpass.

Dash cam videos and reports say that a flatbed carrying an excavator hit the overpass. Clearly, the excavator was not lowered; experts say this is clearly driver error. In this case, as in some other ones, charges are being considered against the driver.

Authorities have also stated that one particular trucking company from the Lower Mainland has been involved in five of the fifteen crashes; however, the company made a statement that they have followed all safety guidelines.

Both the BC Trucking Association and CVSE have stated it’s shocking that no one has been seriously injured because of these accidents. They go on to state that trucking companies and drivers need to take more time with pre-trip inspections or else more accidents will continue to happen.

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