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Michelin Canada praises Saskatchewan’s move to allow wide-base tires

Michelin Canada praises Saskatchewan’s move to allow wide-base tires

Saskatchewan has become the fourth province in Canada to allow wide-base tires on heavy-duty trucks.

Michelin Canada recognizes the leaders of the Government of Saskatchewan, Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure, and the Saskatchewan Trucking Association, who worked collaboratively for the province to become Canada’s fourth to enact regulations allowing the use of the tires.

According to a Michelin Canada press release, total payload increases with the use of the wide-base tires from 7,700 kg per axle to 8,500 kg. It also allows the industry to adopt fuel-efficient wide-base single heavy-truck tires and to operate at competitive weight limits while decreasing fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions for the environment.

Substituting wide-base tires in place of conventional dual tires reduces greenhouse gas emissions at about the same rate as what would be achieved by removing 1.8 cars from the road for every heavy truck, according to Michelin Canada. New generation wide-base tires also consume less petroleum in their production and less fuel on the road.

“Michelin just recently hosted ‘Movin’On,’ the Global Summit on Sustainable Mobility, for the first time here in Canada. So we are particularly encouraged to see that Saskatchewan is implementing an environmentally friendly approach to commercial mobility, which also helps the trucking sector improve its competitiveness,” said Jeff MacLean, president, Michelin North America Canada “Accelerating the adoption of new generation wide base single tires is one important way that government and industry can use innovative technologies to help drive Canada’s clean-growth agenda.”