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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Join the Social Media Campaign to Stop APHIS Fees



Are you a cross-border carrier or owner-op that isn’t very happy with a 200-percent fee hike from the USDA to cross the border? Do you agree with us that the fee itself is inconsistent with NAFTA? Well, don’t keep it to yourself. Tell the world.

The Canadian Trucking Alliance’s efforts to shed light on the APHIS border crossing fee story is starting to pick up steam. Several mainstream media outlets are paying attention.

In the meantime, though, we’re also trying to build momentum on the social media front. For Twitter, specifically, we created the hashtag #noAPHIShike. What’s a hashtag? Well, it groups all Twitter comments on this issue together.  (See here here: https://twitter.com/CanTruck/status/482604960535019520).

Hopefully, with some push from industry and some luck, we can spark a grassroots Twitter campaign, alongside the traditional media coverage. Thanks and help stop the hike.