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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Highway 11/17 Truck Route Approved


Thunder Bay Council approved its plan to force heavy truck traffic onto Highway 11/17.  Away from a bypass, built for trucks, by trucks, that was allowed to become clustered with residential housing, and trucks are just too noisy.

Speaking at City Council last night, Councillor Trevor Giertuga argues it’s the safest option for transport trucks right now.

“[On] Arthur Street and Dawson Road, there’s cyclists, pedestrians, buses, school buses. There’s Five Mile School, with 232 students, seven buses in the morning, and seven buses at night.”

The Councillor notes he sympathizes with Kakabeka Falls residents, and he’ll lobby with them for more traffic safety measures.

Further, because of the longer distance, trucks will use much more fuel, therefore be more damaging to the environment.  At least a half hour will be added to truck travel through the Thunder Bay Area, increasing the risks significantly.  

Why not build a big bypass on the north side of Lake Nipigon between Geraldton and Shabaqua Corners?