Green Freight Assessments: Supporting Fleets in Accessing $200M in Grant Funding

In today’s challenging economy, where fleet efficiency is becoming increasingly important due to fuel prices and environmental responsibility, the Green Freight Program by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) is financially supporting fleets in upgrading their equipment. This program, launched in December 2022, offers $200M until 2027 for fleets to invest in improving their fuel efficiency. One key partner that stands ready to support and guide fleets on their sustainability journey is Green Freight Assessments. In this editorial, we delve into the Green Freight Program and highlight how Green Freight Assessments serves as a leading ally for fleets seeking to access these grants.

The Green Freight Program: Driving Change in the Trucking Industry

The Green Freight Program is an initiative that aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fuel consumption associated with freight transportation. Stream 1 of the program offers fleets up to $250k in funding per year up to 50% of the cost towards fleet energy assessments and equipment retrofits such as tires, aerodynamics, auxiliary power units, telematics, and more. Stream 2, on the other hand, will soon provide up to $5M towards fuel-switching, engine repowers and large scale improved logistical best-practice projects.

For a full list of eligible equipment and their respective funding amounts, contact Green Freight Assessments (

Green Freight Assessments: Your Trusted Partner

Green Freight Assessments is emerging as a leading partner for fleets looking to access the Green Freight Program’s funding opportunities. Their all in one services simplify the application process, ensuring that fleets can take full advantage of the program without having to navigate the paperwork and calculations. They also provide third-party fleet energy assessments, a mandatory item for fleets to complete prior to grant application. With a 100% grant approval rate, Green Freight Assessments manage the process end-to-end for fleets, saving them valuable time and resources.

Case Study: Daytona Freight Systems’ Sustainable Triumph

Daytona Freight Systems, a leading Canadian fleet with 500+ Trucks and Trailers, sought the expertise of Green Freight Assessments earlier this year. After conducting a comprehensive fleet energy assessment, Green Freight Assessments recommended eligible equipment that aligned with their operational needs and long-term goals, sourced vendors, and provided end-to-end grant application writing services.

One significant outcome of the project for Daytona Freight Systems was the switch to low rolling resistance tires. This shift is projected to save the company over $200 per tire on average and reduce fuel consumption by 3% across the fleet. This remarkable success was made possible by Green Freight Assessments. As Gurnoor Kahlon, VP of Sales states, “It was so simple to work with Green Freight Assessments. They were extremely professional and led the project end-to-end“.

Your Path to Sustainability with Green Freight Assessments

Green Freight Assessments is providing an opportunity for Canadian fleets to access grants from the Green Freight Program and save on equipment costs, improve fuel efficiency, and reduce environmental impact. As the funds are deployed on a first-come, first-serve basis, reach out to Green Freight Assessments today to find out how your fleet may be able to access this funding!

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