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Friday, July 19, 2024

Glasvan Great Dane to provide Telematics for Autocar shunt tractors

Glasvan Great Dane (www.glasvangreatdane.com) partnered with PinPoint GPS Solutions to provide Geotab telematics capabilities in its Autocar shunt tractors, combining modern technology with the legendary durability of Autocar. The announcement follows extensive product testing by Glasvan to ensure information accuracy, allowing for more effective asset maintenance.

George Cobham Jr., Vice President Sales and Marketing at Glasvan Great Dane says, “With the increasingly complex EPA mandated emission compliant engines and all the problems that can go along with ignoring engine codes, we sought a solution that provides our customers with real-time truck specific information. This information, when reacted to in a timely manner, will result in significant reductions in downtime and operating costs.”

Glasvan Great Dane provides a wide range of high quality trailer equipment and services, including the sale, full maintenance lease and rental of Autocar shunt tractors. Cobham comments that, “Our testing process was really interesting. We even installed a gyro on an Autocar shunt to gather data and we got aggressive with it. There is no reason for an operator to be making three-quarters of G when cornering in a yard. It’s unsafe and it prematurely wears out tires”.

Key features of Glasvan’s Autocar shunt telematics system include:

• Engine and emission system related alerts
• Engine idle reports
• Events log, such as rough hook-ups (slamming the trailer king pin), harsh braking, cornering at excessive speeds
• Truck specific time-stamped performance and operational data

Customers that implement better operating practices based on this information will save money in tractor damage, fuel consumption, reduce downtime and should be able to extend the useful life of the equipment.

Glasvan will be offering affordable telematics solutions on new in stock and production DOT, Off Road and natural gas powered Autocar shunt tractors immediately.