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Sunday, March 3, 2024

Gabriel invites consumers to learn about ride control.

Gabriel invites consumers to learn about ride control.

Gabriel announced its new educational interactive Point of Purchase displays, which invite consumers to learn about ride control.

“The display simulates realistic traveling characteristics encountered by shocks in everyday use,” the company noted. “It is designed to provide customers understandable and useful information on shock absorbers and struts and their important role in automotive comfort and safety.”

According to the company, the interactive displays also include additional signs that indicate worn or failed ride control. The displays are due to be tested in partnership with a major retail store – 300 outlets across the US will be participating in the test.
The innovative display becomes animated when the handle is turned, spinning a “road” on which the wheels are resting.

Whenever the wheels hit a pothole in the road, the bad shock wheel falls into the hole, while the good shock glides across the pothole. This illustrates the damping characteristic of a functioning shock. The company added the new displays also provide details on how stopping distance is affected by bad shocks.

“Our overall intent is to show people how ride control works, so they can understand what failing shocks and struts are actually doing to their vehicle,” said Jonathon Gore, marketing director. “The display will really immerse people in the sound, feelings and sights of ride control.”