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Saturday, April 13, 2024

FR8Star Revolution launches booking and dispatch system

FR8 Revolution announced the launching of a fully integrated booking and dispatch platform for open deck loads. With a focus on heavy haul and open deck, FR8Star offers a marketplace where carriers can bid on loads, book directly with shippers, and manage their fleet all in one platform.

According to the company, users directly access FR8Star’s load marketplace which includes a rate calculator for pricing oversize/overweight loads, including up-to-date state permit fees and escort costs. Shippers can also access the calculator for free.

To use FR8Star’s free software, a carrier goes to www.fr8star.com, sets up an account and begins operating. The carrier can submit quotes for loads in the FR8Star marketplace and track those quotes.

When they book a load, it automatically appears in the carrier’s Dispatch Cockpit display. Carriers can also enter loads manually to manage freight from sources other than the FR8Star marketplace. More free software features include document management and databases of customers, relevant locations, and company equipment.

According to the company, FR8Star brings shippers and carriers together without a broker middleman. The company charges a conservative fee only when a load is booked and the fee is displayed beforehand.

“We believe the United States truck freight market operates most efficiently when carriers and shippers work directly with one another,” said Matthew Kropp, CEO of FR8 Revolution.

“Given our patent-pending heavy haul rate calculator and our experience in the heavy haul market, focusing on this underserved space was an obvious decision,” he continued.  “We designed FR8Star to help carriers run their businesses more efficiently while providing better service to shippers. By allowing carriers and shippers to both contract directly and share real-time information about loads, FR8Star helps each side to make more profit while eliminating the need for a pricey middleman.”

The company’s fleet management features are designed for small to medium sized carriers (between two and 200 trucks) and aimed at helping carriers get more work done in a fraction of the time it currently takes. This includes driver schedule optimization, load tracking, document management, and other features designed to optimize driver retention and customer service.