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Sunday, May 28, 2023

From the Recent CCMTA 2019 Annual Meeting


The issue of Shippers’ responsibility to secure sealed cargoes by themselves was addressed.

Indeed it has been recognized that a problem is present on our roads when a heavy vehicle carries a sealed cargo from the shipper and that the driver and the carrier have no way of checking in the box that the cargo is fixed properly.

It has been recognized that penalizing the carrier or driver who has no control over this non-compliant and unsafe cargo does not make sense and this situation will be reviewed and adapted. 

The record of Electronic Log is current

It has been discussed here an alliance and cross-border cooperation among jurisdictions. For the moment CCMTA is first of all looking at the aspect of the technical specifications.

The details will be available from June 10 on the CCMTA website and will be formalized in the final version on the Transport Canada website more or less a month later. There will be updates over time. A condensed version will be available on the website of the Department of Justice.

Regarding the changes in hours of service, the information is not ready to be publicly disclosed. It is possible that the information will be transmitted with a short time of adaptation for the industry