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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

FMCSA Receives Requests for HOS Exemptions


According to a document published on December 18 by the Federal Register, a construction company and four trade associations are requesting exemptions from the FMSCA for HOS regulations.

Both the International Dairy Foods Association and the American Bakers Association are specifically asking for a 5-year HOS exemption to extend their drivings hours when delivering to communities impacted by natural disasters. The American Bakers Association represents close to 1,000 baking facilities and the International Dairy Foods Association has an estimated 15,000 truck drivers.

Executive Director of American Trucking Associations’ Agricultural and Food Transporters Conference, Jon Samson, said, “When you think about the store shelves during any sort of a disaster or storm, the first thing that goes out the door is milk and bread.”

The American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association and the Association of American Railroads are also seeking exemption claiming the HOS regulations regarding driving after 14-hour work periods and 60-70 hours on duty in a week, prevent a railroads’ ability to respond to emergency situations. Trucks are instrumental in helping railroads move equipment and employees during disasters. If both associations are granted the exemption, close to 21,000 truckers who respond to these unplanned events would be affected.

Also applying for a 5-year exemption for HOS regulations is North Shore Environmental Construction, Inc. who is specifically seeking exemption from the 14-hour rule for drivers responding to environmental emergencies. The construction company currently has 12 drivers and specializes in disaster response situations.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has received a variety of similar requests over this past year.