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Thursday, December 8, 2022

FMCSA Includes ELD Violations In Revised CSA Methodology


The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has updated its list of hours-of-service violations used in the Compliance, Safety, Accountability enforcement model.

The agency added 22 roadside inspection violations to its HOS Compliance Behaviour Analysis and Safety Improvement Category. The bulk of the changes address the use of electronic logging devices.

Prior to April 1, 2018, roadside inspectors noted ELD violations on roadside inspection reports, but drivers were not placed out of service and the violations were not calculated into the HOS Compliance BASIC. However, ELD violations occurring during roadside inspections beginning April 1, 2018, will result in out-of-service orders and impact the CSA HOS Compliance BASIC score.

As a result of full enforcement, FMCSA needed to revise its CSA methodology to include ELD violations. The new HOS violations have assessed severity values ranging from 1 to 5.