First Annual Metro Vancouver Transportation Night a Huge Success

Surrey, BC – JGK Media Inc. hosted the first annual Metro Vancouver Transportation Night (MVTN) on October 19th, 2023, at Reflections Banquet and Convention Centre in Surrey, BC. More than 200 professionals, including over 50 fleet owners, from the transportation industry attended the event.

The transportation industry has seen some incredible changes in the past few years, with even more happening in the coming years. The purpose of MVTN 2023 was to discuss key issues in the trucking industry in Western Canada. Industry leaders, CEOs of major trucking fleets and other vested partners were invited to address the mutual challenges that affect the industry today and tomorrow.

MVTN 2023 had a great speaker list, including Dave Earle, President, BC Trucking Association; Ken North & Bob Lawlor from Volvo/Mack Trucks; TJ Bilkhu & Roger Berryman from Cummins Canada; Victor Grigoletto from First Truck Centre; Douglas Zorrilla from Keystone Law Group; Michael Bennett from Insureline; and Kevin Wu & Kulan Kahadugoda from Green Freight Assessments.

The Keynote Speaker for the evening, Dan Diegan, delivered a powerful message on the importance of having a positive approach, no matter which part of the industry one is involved. The audience was actively engaged and many expressed that Dan’s message resonated very well with them.

Following dinner, a panel discussion took place in which TJ Bilkhu, Ken North, Bob Lawlor and Dave Earle took questions. Although some questions were difficult, all members of the panel provided in-depth and positive answers about the future of trucking technology.

One consistent message from audience members was how important and pertinent Metro Vancouver Transportation Night was for our industry.

Said Ken North: What great strength, resilience, and hope, our BC Trucking industry has when we can come together in settings like this to share knowledge and support for each other. I tip my hat to [JGK and their] team for this great initiative, and for all the hard work it took to put the event on.”

Dave Earle commented, “MVTN 2023 is a great platform where the industry comes together and has the chance to talk face-to-face with all those invested in the trucking industry, and we look forward to next year.”

JGK Media Inc. would like to thank all speakers, attendees and sponsors to Metro Vancouver Transportation Night 2023. A special thank you to Daman Grewal and Amit Bhardwaj for their assistance in helping with many elements of this event. Thank you as well to Jimmy Gill and Sandy Chatha for their assistance. And finally, thank you to the Canadian Trucking Association of BC and the Port Transportation Association for all their help and support in this endeavour.

Metro Vancouver Transportation Night 2023 was a sold-out event. Next year, JGK Media Inc. promises a bigger event with more components. It is an event by the trucking community for the trucking industry.

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